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juli 2024
  • dilsora fozilDilsora Fozilova

    Images are the pictures a poet draws in the mind’s eye of the reader through his words. Sometimes these images do not explicitly contain the meaning of the words used. Rather, they hold implicit meanings which the reader attempts to interpret and ascertain. Shakespeare’s ”That Time of Year” is a great poem through which to analyse imagery. The beauty of this poem is that there are three quatrains in the poem and each of them holds amazing metaphors. And all three metaphors signify one theme – aging, signs of the last stage of the life.

    In first verse Shakespeare talks about a certain time of year. When reading these lines the reader will likely feel the thrilling whisper of the author, saying, “That’s where I am. This is the stage of my life I am talking about”
    “That time of year thou mayst in me behold
    When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang” (Bevington pp-889) Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Edmonton_Muttart8-MDilsora Fozilova

    Every time I drove by, I wondered what those imposing glass pyramids were shining in the river valley. “Museum” said someone once with a dreadfully monotonous tone. Since then, I stopped wondering about it. I never suspected one day I would find a beautiful oasis in those glass pyramids that connects me to my beloved homeland.

    Even before I entered the temperate place, a rainforest environment with orchids, sub-tropical plants and lush greenery – I smelled the abundant aroma of peach, apple, fig and pomegranate trees mixed with the smell of the moist soil. It was extraordinary… the breeze alone coming from that room could awaken my childhood memories. It was after my tenth birthday and first spring after my dad’s death. One sunny morning in late March, I woke up from the noise of birds in our garden. Without thinking, I got up and walked from my bedroom to the long corridor with my pajamas still on. I pushed the double door that opened to our garden and shielded my eyes with my left arm. It was too bright for my sleepy eyes. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • dilsora fozilДилсора Фозилова

    Олис юртда жонинг омон бўлса бас,
    Маъюс шивирлайди ҳар гал ўша сас,
    Ҳар сафар сиқади кўксимни қафас,
    Олис юртда омон бўлганим басми?

    Бардош қадалганда суягинг қадар,
    Соч юлиб тақдирни қарғасанг нетар?
    Темирдай ”мард она” бўлганинг етар,
    Олис юртда омон бўлганим басми?

    Қўлингдаги титроқ, сочингдаги оқ,
    Бошинг остонада йўлимга муштоқ,
    Ҳеч нима бермадим қайғудан кўпроқ,
    Олис юртда омон бўлганим басми?

    Дуоларинг менинг фаришталарим,
    Омадим, қудратим, жон ришталарим,
    Балолардан йироқ тутганим маним,
    Олис юртда омон бўлганим басми? Read the rest of this entry »

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  • karta“Globalization appears as an inexorable force – perhaps of progress, perhaps simply of a capitalist juggernaut, but in any case irresistible.”i

    Craig Calhoun

    Globalization is understood as the unintentional erasure of differences and cultural specificities worldwide due to the mobilized economy, information technology, production exchange and spread of democratic ideology. Advanced communication technology, increases in the mobility of capital in the global arena and deepening international relationships (both political and economic) are the most significant changes of our time that have accelerated globalization in the world. However, many countries are not open to the natural progression of globalization and try to slow it down with state censorship and passive international capital exchange. Read the rest of this entry »

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